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Langford Genealogy

First, I must credit for the work of George Langford who published an extensive genealogy of the Langford family in the 1930s. His work and the letters that Oscar Langford wrote to the Fredonia Censor in 1925 made it possible to dig into the family genealogy.
George Langford's grandson, also named George Langford, has posted his work on his website. He did not have a lot of information about Charles Langford noting only two facts. First, that he moved west and second that Judge William G. Langford of Washington state, was his descendant.
Oscar's letters made it clear that he came from a much larger family than we had ever thought. Also, they indicated that there were other related Langfords in various locations in New York state.
I found the sketch about Judge Langford that gave his parents names and a sketch about Charles Langford that matched those names. I also found a family tree that had Jane Langford, one of Oscar's sisters, in it with her parents of the same names Charles and Fannie. The very professional work that George Langford did in the 1930s for the family was only incomplete by the lack of knowledge of what happened to Charles. Oscar's letters have answered those questions.
Here then is the family tree:
Thomas Langford married Mary Cook
Their son Thomas Langford II (1670-1707) married Comfort Holderbee and had one son, Thomas Langford III before Comfort died in 1699. He married again and had children with Sarah, last name unknown.
Thomas Langford III (1695-1756) married Hannah Northrup and they had four sons: Holderbee, Joseph, Stephen and Thomas.
Up until this point in the tree, all families are found living in various Rhode Island cities of Portsmouth, Providence, Newport and Greenwich.
Holderbee Langford is the line from which spouse Nancy descends. He changed his name to his mother's maiden name of Northrup and, in 1935, George Langford did an amazing job of detective work to prove that Northrup and Holderbee were, in fact, the same person.
Holderbee Langford (1724-1780) married Mary (possibly Sanford) and they had six daughters, Mary, Hannah, Rachel, Chloe, Phebe, Jerusha, and two sons, George and John.
George Langford (1755-?) was a minute man in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and evidence exists of his presence at Bunker Hill and at Valley Forge. He is the one who moved the family to Oneida County, New York. He married Abigail Elliott(1756-1824) and they had one infant that died along with three sons (George II, James and Charles Elliott)and one daughter, Abigail.
George Langford, the genealogist, in 1935, provided the remainder of the family tree but this is where it ended for Charles Elliott Langford.
He married Fannie Mansfield and had ten children, we have names for most of them: James, Charles, William, Jane, Jeanette, Harriet, Mary and Oscar. I am researching an Ellen Collins who Charles is found living with in Iowa in the mid 19th century as another possible daughter.
George's 1930s work is available on the internet, maintained by his grandson. It can be found by clicking here. It includes much more information and family trees.

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  1. And thanks to you for providing this information, and also to George's (older) cousin Mary Langford Taylor Alden, who compiled a great deal of the genealogy information which George continued on with- correcting some challenging connections and adding more on his own.... Happy to stumble on this to further my own Langford research....