Sunday, February 17, 2013

Charles Langford Grave

The lost is now found! Friday, February 15, 2013,  Nancy and I drove to Clinton, Iowa and Fulton, Illinois, for some more valuable research. The above stone marks the grave of Charles Langford, Nancy's great great grandfather. He is buried in Fulton Township Cemetery. We had believed that his grave had no marker but there it was. He is located in Section Q, row 3, lot 101. He appears to be the only Langford buried there. The ownership of this plot continues under the name of his son, Charles E. Langford.

The stone reads:

Chas. Langford
Born Oct. 14, 1797
Died Jan, 23, 1878
Aged 80 Ys. 3 Ms. 9 Ds.

It appears that the stone was added some time after the burial. The newspaper accounts I found clearly indicate that he died January 23, 1879 which would make him one year older than the stone indicates.

While visiting the area, we stopped in a number of other places. We found the location of the Charles E. Langford farm, the last operating mill on the Elk River, Eagle Point Park, the Van Allen Building, the Saw Mill Museum, Oakland Cemetery and more.

The Langford family research is far from done but here is the best indicator of what a great American pioneer family they were. Charles Langford, gravestone above, and Fanny Mansfield had eleven children.

Here is where they are all buried:

Charles Langford                    Fannie Mansfield Langford
Buried in Fulton, Illinois          Buried near Fredonia, New York


Charles Elliot Langford                  Buried in Pasadena, California

William George Langford               Buried in Spokane, Washington

Oscar Mansfield Langford              Buried in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jeanette Langford Wise                 Buried in Clinton, Iowa

Orange Mansfield Langford           Buried near Collegeville, Arkansas

James Mansfield Langford            Buried near Fredonia, New York

Harriet Langford McGinnis            Buried in Coshocton County, Ohio

Jane Langford Allen                      Buried in Jones County, Iowa

Mary Langford Allen                      Buried in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Ellen Langford Wayland                 Unknown

Fidelia Emily Langford Pierce        Buried at Marionville, Virginia

Jane and Jeanette are the only two buried in the same state. Fannie and son James are known to be buried in the same general area, near Fredonia, New York.

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