Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Package of Information from Alabama

Genealogy is a great hobby. The same week that I was sending off a package to a newly discovered Cuban cousin in Virginia in my Fleming family tree, I received a package from Nancy's newly found Langford cousin in Alabama.
Rafael Alberto Madan is descended from Squire John Fleming of Bald Eagle Township, Pennsylvania, same as me. He traces his line to Squire John's son Ezekiel and I to Squire John's son David. I can only hope he found the package I sent as interesting as the Susan Chambers package about the Langfords I received was. Susan descends from Fidelia Emily Langford Pierce, a sister of Oscar Langford, and much of what we have learned about the family has come to light or been verified by Susan Chambers and her information.
Susan had a few copies of original works from Oscar. Most notably a booklet that Oscar put together as a memorial tribute to his brother William G. Langford who had a distinguished legal career in Washington state. There was also his Christmas greeting in 1904 sent to William's widow, Julia Gilbert Langford. There were also new pictures and one letter that hopes to shed light on the death and burial of Oscar's father, Charles Langford.

First, here is Oscar Langford's Christmas letter from 1904, complete with his picture.

My Christmas Greeting

to Mrs. Julia Gilbert Langford

I herewith send to you my Christmas Greeting
From Colorado plains, far, far away,
Where vast prairie and azure sky seem meeting
Far in the east, while western mountains gray
Point heavenward Upon high-ridged land,
O'erlooking groves now strewn with fallen leaves,
I write these lines, near snow-capped Rockies grand,
Yet far from friends, for which my spirit grieves.

But Christmastide means cheerfulness, not sighs;
Good wishes reign in every grateful heart.
Today I would send a prayer above the skies
That you may merry be, and never part
From Faith and Peace; that heavenly blessings flow
To you, my faithful friend, forevermore;
May healthful breezes o'er life's pathway blow!
This is my Christmas wish of Nineteen Four.

From your grateful brother,
Oscar Langford

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