Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fidelia Emily Langford Pierce, Oscar's sister

Red Bank Baptist Church Cemetery
Marionville, Virginia

Fidelia Emily Langford married Lorenzo Dow Pierce when she was 15 years old and he was 23. They lived in Savanna, Illinois, until Lorenzo died. Fidelia then moved near or with her daughter, Anna Woodruff Pierce Godwin in Virginia. Fidelia only had two children but Anna had nine, the descendants of whom have kept the Langford tree growing.
A little geography lesson is in order here. The Mississippi River runs between Carroll County Illinois and Jackson County, Iowa. As it heads south from there, it runs between Whiteside County, Illinois and Clinton County, Iowa. These four counties are where the many related Langfords resided, were married, had children, joined armies and began their lives.
Nancy and I plan to make another road trip to the other cities where they lived. The primary cities that they lived in were Clinton, Iowa, Fulton, Illinois, but they also spilled into Sabula, Iowa, an island in the river, and Savanna, Illinois. A bridge connects Sabula and Savanna.
Thanks again are in order to Susan Chambers who provided this information and who is a descendant of Fidelia.

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