Monday, March 11, 2013

The Langford-Herwick Family

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had sent off for various PERSI articles made available by the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. One of those articles was written by Jeri (Sligh) Hamilton about her grandfather's family and it appeared in the August, 1983 issue of the Prospector, published in Lancaster, California. Her grandfather was Charles Herwick.
First, I should recap. Oscar's brother Charles E. Langford was a lumber baron in Clinton, Iowa, and Fulton, Illinois. Mary Jane was the fourth of seven children born to Charles and Hannah Shadduck. Mary Jane married John Steck Herwick on October 21, 1862 in Clinton, Iowa.
John Herwick was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He started working as a farm laborer for Charles E. Langford in 1857. When the Civil War call came, John Herwick also mustered in with the Second Iowa Infantry, the same as Orange Langford and one of Charles Langford's sons, Edwin O. Langford. John was wounded by a musket ball at the Battle of Shiloh, Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee, on April 6, 1862. He spent two months in a military hospital at Corinth, Mississippi. He was granted a medical discharge on July 4, 1862, with a monthly pension of $8.00. By the time he died in 1912, it had grown to $40.00 per month.
The article goes on to recount some oral family history about the Battle of Shiloh. "He lay on the battlefield after his injury for three days, was taken prisoner of war by the South, later being used as an exchange of war prisoner."
John and Mary had nine children: Charles, Harry, Ida Bell, twins Edgar and Edward, Frank, Clarence, John and Genevieve. The two oldest boys were born in Fulton, Illinois. Frank was born in Kansas and all the other children were born in various towns in Iowa as the family moved west. By the time the youngest turned three years old in 1888, the family had moved to Los Angeles, California. 
John established a Transfer Company, moving people and merchandise with a horse and wagon. The family home was located at 2920 Baldwin Avenue. John and Mary and many of their children are buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

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