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Fisher's Cemetery, Vancouver, Washington

Over the summer of 2014, we visited a lot of places for genealogy purposes. We visited cemeteries, libraries, museums, battlefields, historic homes, county offices, courthouses, historic societies and more. We checked on many families: Langfords, Flemings, Rettews and Allens in particular. Without a doubt, we learned the most about a branch of the Langford family, the Allens.
Mary Langford married Merritt Allen and had five children with him before she died in 1853 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Here is a recap of the family and some pictures from Vancouver.

Merritt Allen married Mary Langford in Fredonia, New York, in 1837, the same year her youngest brother Oscar was born. Their children Henry (1839) and Arabelle (1841) were born in New York. Around 1843 they moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where children Frank (1844) George James (1850) and Mary Adelia (1852) were born. Sadly Mary died there also, in 1853.

Their children:
Henry Allen can be found in the 1860 Federal Census living in Hannibal, Missouri. He was killed in action in the Civil War at the Battle of Chalk Bluff, Arkansas, on May 1, 1863. This battle was fought on both sides of the state line between Missouri and Arkansas and he died in Dunklin County, Missouri.
Arabelle Allen married Elbridge D. Bailey (1837-1894) in Wisconsin in the mid 1850s. Their family started in that state as well. Son William was born in Wisconsin in 1858. Shortly after this they moved to Hannibal, Missouri. 
By 1860 Merritt Allen, had married Jane Langford, had two children with her and left her behind when he moved to Hannibal and many of his children with Mary followed. In Hannibal, Arabelle and Eldridge Bailey added to their family Nettie (1860), George (1864) and Arthur Merritt (1874).
The least is known of Frank Allen who married Nettie McCoy and had three daughters, Frances (1867), Susan (1869) and Daisy (1873). Frank lived in Hannibal but returned to Wisconsin by the 1870 census. He moved to Mosinee, Marathon County, Wisconsin, until his death in 1905. He is buried there as well as Nettie who died in 1933.
George James Allen is one of the more intriguing characters among Mary's children. Born in Wisconsin in 1850, he is in Missouri in 1860 and marries Mary Loretta Cook there in 1870. Their first five children were all born in Missouri: Lillie Belle died at birth in 1871, Charles (1872), George (1874), Henry (1877) and Eugene (1879). After Eugene's birth, the family moved to San Francisco where the two youngest boys, Henry and Eugene, died a day apart in 1880.  The next event tells us the family did not stay in California but moved to Vancouver, Washington. In 1883 a new son is born there Albert, following by a second wave of other children, Sarah (1885) Hazel Esther (1888) and Francis Willard (1897). For the most part, this branch of the family stayed in that immediate area and are all buried in Fisher's Cemetery in Vancouver. Many of their graves are pictured here as well.
The last child of Merritt Allen and Mary Langford was Mary Adelia (1852) who married William Francis Marseilles (1850-1928) in Hannibal about 1870. They had six children and lived their lives in Missouri: Florence (1871), William Merritt (1875), Charles Edgar (1879), Francis Ferdinand (1883) and Frederick Allen (1887).
I have followed each of these descendant lines down even further but will not over burden the reader with more names and dates.
Following are pictures from Fisher's Cemetery:

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